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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey!

Our Admin/Director

About The Director:

Samantha Brown-Hightower

Our Director has served as Administrator for numerous home care agencies over the past 25 years. She started out as a CNA and worked her way to agency Director. She has assisted with start up of over a hundred new private home care agencies, personal care homes, staffing agencies and NEMT's here in Georgia alone and served as Director and/or Administrator for a few. She has assisted with startup's in Ohio, Virginia and Alabama as well. 

While working as a CNA she earned awards such as CNA of the quarter and employee of the month. Her most recent non-homecare position is an Independent Contractor with the largest Nephrology practice in Georgia. She has been recognized in the healthcare field as a very kind, loving and caring person with great character.

Her desire is to train and motivate her clients and partners to be just as dedicated to caring for others as she is. She has a passion for helping CNA's see their visions through.

She has an open door policy for her trainees and client partners and can be reached personally upon request.

You will often see her out and about engaging with trainees, partner clients as well as families.


Our Office Manager

About The Office Administrator:
Mykesha Robinson-Lin, CNA

Our Office Administrator has grown under the training of the Director for the past 15 years. She is passionate about helping people and has a more extensive background in Administration, Montessori teaching and Childcare. She currently manages our Virtual Administrative office staff and works hands on with her own private clients.

Our CNA Supervisor

About The CNA Supervisor:
Karmel Crute-Grant, RMA; CNA

Karmel is our bubbly, energetic CNA supervisor. She has over 20 years experience providing hands on care in the medical field. Our caregivers are trained professionals who have gone through our pre-screening and passed with flying colors! Karmel ensures each of them have the necessary skills to provide you or your love one with care using the utmost dignity and respect. Karmel has worked with our Director for over 12 years.

karmel 2.jpeg

Why Us?

OUR MISSION: To ensure that every individual who requires home care has an opportunity to receive affordable home care. Regardless of their inability to pay.

All while providing CNA's an avenue for growth.

We are a family of professionally trained, certified and experienced caregivers, who after working years for other agencies, felt the need to help our consumers by offering professional and affordable care to all income ranges. 

We have over 20 years home care agency start up and management experience, Over 20 years of hands-on experience and the desire to help YOU! And we can provide this service at a very competitive cost. 

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